Word Problem Worksheet
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1) Barney has 90 small nails to hang 22 pictures. If each picture requires 4 small nails, how many small nails will be left over after hanging the pictures?
2) Nancy is 10 years old. She has friends who are 9, 7, 8, and 11 years old. How much older than Nancy would someone be if all the ages were added together?
3) You have 5 small blue jars. If each one can hold 4 paper clips, how many paper clips will you need to fill your jars?
4) Baily needs to divide $132 in old quarters into 12 piles? How many quarters will be in each pile?
5) George wants to order pizza for the birthday party on Friday. Each pizza has 4 slices. If the 8 kids at the party each eat 7 slices, how many pizzas should George order?
6) Each student in school can collect 5 box tops per week. If there are 5 students in the school, how many box tops can be collected in 3 weeks?
7) You can walk 11 feet in 16 seconds. How many seconds will it take you to walk 44 feet from your bedroom to your kitchen?
8) Craig wants to buy 12 large notebooks. Each notebook costs 33 cents. How much money does Craig need to buy the notebooks?
9) Robert had 38 metal bottles that he wanted to share with his reading class. He gave Debra 3, Alex 9, and Barb 13. How many bottles did Robert have left?
10) In math class Chuck added up the numbers 4, 8, 10, and 12. After he was done he subtracted 7. What was the final number for Chuck?