Multiplication Table Worksheet Help

Table of Contents

Number Set

The Number set allows you to select how large the multiplication table will display. The larger the table, the more fact families that will be used. For example, a number set of "1 to 5" includes the fact families from 1 to 5 (25 total facts) whereas the number set from "1 to 12" would include fact families up through 12 for a total of 144 facts.


The selection of a difficulty level indicates how many facts you want the student to complete in the multiplication table. The more difficult the level, the more blank facts that the student will have to complete in the worksheet. If you select the "Wow!" level, the student will be required to fill in almost the entire multiplication table.


The following are options for creating a custom multiplication worksheet:

Fact Families

When a multiplication table worksheet is generated, the facts to be completed by the student are randomly selected across all the fact families. By selecting individual fact families, you are able to create worksheets that are tailored to practicing specific fact families. For example, if you want a worksheet that focuses on the 3 and 7 fact families, only select the "3" and "7" checkboxes.


For each set of options you select on the build page, you will get the same problems each time you click the Generate button. If you are not satisfied with the problems generated for you, then you can click the Reshuffle button. Once you click Reshuffle, you can re-click the Generate button to generate a new set of problems. There is no limit to the number of times you can reshuffle your problems.