Word Problem Worksheet
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1) A house in England has 6 paintings of sunsets. Assuming that each painting is 6 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall, what is the length of all the sides of the paintings in inches?
2) Allen finds $99.85 while visiting Oregon. He wants to distribute his money evenly to his 5 friends. If $21.00 is lost on the way back to Texas, how much money will each of his 5 friends get when he returns?
3) Jacob drove a slow car 1,128 miles to Idaho last winter and used a total of 30 gallons of gasoline. What was the average miles driven per gallon of gasoline?
4) All boys were asked what their favorite subject was. If 2/5 of the boys liked computer and 2/5 liked music, what fraction did not like computer and music?
5) Colton had 755 tiny green marbles. He gave his cousin Anne 20% of them. How many marbles did Colton keep for himself?
6) Alan can throw 72 curve balls in 2 minutes. How many curve balls can Alan throw in 45 seconds?
7) The storeroom has 74 blue pails of water in the side room. Workers are able to haul off 30 pails every 3 days. How many pails will still remain in the side room after 4 days?
8) The temperature one spring day was 92 degrees. Starting at 1:00 PM the temperature drops 0.2 degrees per minute. What temperature will it be at 1:15 PM?
9) Goodness! You find out your pipe is leaking 8 pints of water every 1 hour. After 2 hours, how many gallons of water will have leaked from the pipe?
10) You need to purchase 14 yards of wood to build a small sundeck. The cost per yard for wood is $2.20. How much will it cost to buy the wood?