Word Problem Worksheet
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1) Jeff ran 6 miles on a cloudy Sunday. Jeff also walked for 4 miles on Friday. What was the total miles Jeff traveled?
2) A can has two beautiful plums and three avocados. How many total fruits are in the can?
3) Two small envelopes arrived in the mail on Wednesday. Two more envelopes arrived on Thursday. How many total envelopes arrived?
4) You have two containers. If you put two bracelets in each container, how many total will you have?
5) You have a list of several colors, blue, red, green, yellow, and white. Which one is the fourth in your list?
6) Stacy's birthday is 3 days after Wednesday? What day is Stacy's birthday on?
7) What odd number is Alice thinking about that is greater than 6 and less than 9.
8) What even number is Charles thinking about that is greater than 5 and less than 8.
9) It takes Mary 4 bounces to get to the refrigerator. How many bounces will it take to get to the refrigerator and back again?
10) A store had 8 telephones on sale. It only sold 6 of them. How many telephones does the store have left?