Daily Trivia

Friday's Question

To break the sound barrier, you need to fly a)120.3 mph, b)760 mph, c)5100 mph

Check back Monday for the answer.

Previous Trivia Questions

Day Question Answer
Thu, 12/08 American kids spend $500 million on what each year, a)pizza, b)candy bars, c)gum? c) gum
Wed, 12/07 What is the difference between a pig and a hog? Hogs weigh more than 120 pounds
Tue, 12/06 Umbrella's were invented to do what? Keep the sun off of us
Mon, 12/05 In the US, what is the top ice cream flavor? Second most favorite? Vanilla, then chocolate
Fri, 12/02 Pantophobes are afraid of what? Everything

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