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Distance / Length

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To help select the number of conversion unit types, you can filter by U.S., Metric, or Both. By selecting one of the specific types, the Convert From and Convert To selection boxes will automatically display only those unit types choosen.

Convert From / To

It is required to select at least one, possibly more, of the conversion units in the Convert From and Convert To selection boxes. To select more than one item, hold down the Ctrl keyboard key while left-mouse clicking additional items. For each conversion problem created during worksheet creation, the generator will randomly select a single conversion unit from each selection box.

Number Range

The Starting and Ending "From" numbers are mandatory inputs. These values indicate the number range that the worksheet generator will use to randomly select a number that represents the Convert From conversion unit value. For example, if you input 10 and 100 for your starting and ending numbers, the conversion generator will always select a number in the range from 10 to 100 for each unit to convert from.


This selection allows you to choose how many problems the worksheet will contain. Note that if there is a large number of problems, and you choose a larger text size, the worksheet may span more than a single page when printed.

Text Size

The size of the worksheet text can be changed by using this selection.

Decimal Results

This option allows you to select the number of decimal places to display in conversion results. When a decimal result is included, no rounding is done; the decimal result is instead truncated to the number of decimal places selected. The conversion worksheet generator will create answer sheets with decimal values when either of the following conditions exists:



For each set of options you select on the build page, you will get the same problems each time you click the Generate button. If you are not satisfied with the problems generated for you, then you can click the Reshuffle button. Once you click Reshuffle, you can re-click the Generate button to generate a new set of problems. There is no limit to the number of times you can reshuffle your problems.