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Math Fact Cafe provides the web's best free and printable worksheets related to math, flashcards, time, money, word problems, games, and more. Used extensively by parents and schools, Math Fact Cafe is an award-winning educational website. By advertising with us you are able to place advertisements on a variety of page which are seen by students, teachers, and parents.


Math Fact Cafe provides several options to advertise on our website.
  • Direct - Math Fact Cafe can work directly with your company for the placement of advertisements on our website. We offer several exclusive opportunities for the placement of your advertisements on Math FactCafe.

    Download our pricing guide at: Advertisement Opportunities

  • Google AdWords - Using Managed Placements in Google AdWords, you can selectively target your advertisements on the Math Fact Cafe website. If you are already have an AdWords account, this is a quick and simple way to advertise directly on our website.


If you have a strong interest in advertising with Math Fact Cafe or have general questions, visit our Contact Us page.