Telling Time Worksheet Help

Table of Contents

Problem Type

There are three problem types: The problem type is mandatory and must be selected in order to generate worksheets.

Time Increment

This option allows you to select the time increments shown on the clocks. For example, if you select "Hour", only clocks with an exact hour time are generated. If you select "5 minutes", clocks with any 5 minute increment will be generated. You can select more than one option to indicate you would like a greater amount of certain time increments to be generated. Time increment is mandatory and one or more choices must be selected in order to generate a worksheet.

Clock Size

This option allows you to specify the size of each clock generated. The number of clocks generated depends on selection of the clock size.


The following are options for generating worksheets:


For each set of options you select on the build page, you will get the same problems each time you click the Generate button. If you are not satisfied with the problems generated for you, then you can click the Reshuffle button. Once you click Reshuffle, you can re-click the Generate button to generate a new set of problems. There is no limit to the number of times you can reshuffle your problems.